Aqualude is inspired by Lyn’s extra-musical fascination with the ocean and some of its more unusual inhabitants; the album includes track art and also works as a soundtrack to a folk-like narrative that Lyn has written in place of liner notes. It was released in October 2013 via Ropeadope Records.



“Aqualude” gracefully captures the fluid weightlessness of swimming, the freedom and blissful solitude of a plunge into the ocean.”-Shaun Brady, DownBeat Magazine


“Stunning in its beauty, yet remarkable in that it includes the dark colors of the mosaic chips as well.” George Harris, Jazz Weekly


“An inspired and inspiring work hitting that rare cerebral and visceral middle ground… A cutting edge recording, a release that does not roll with convention but instead redefines the form and function of not just improvisational music but music as an entity unto itself.” -Brent Black, Critical Jazz


“The subtlest eco-disaster album ever written” -Lucid Culture


“Ms. Lyn excels at instrumentally creating an aural underwater world of wonder and beauty.” Ralph A. Miriello, Notes on Jazz


“The album is a real gem. The music has classical-meets Brooklyn avant-meets new fusion-meets modern postbop. Very post-postbop. Uncanny? Well there is such originality here that uncanny works for me. It’s essential if you want something so unusual that it will take a while for people to catch up…” -Greg Applegate, Gapplegate Music Review